NYX haul and swatches!

I recently picked up a small NYX haul online! I picked it all up from bluescandal.com during their recent sale. The package was shipped very quickly, and the packaging was very sturdy and thorough. 10/10, Blue Scandal.

I bought 3 Soft Matte Lip Creams and 4 powder blushes.
In the lip creams, I purchased Cannes, Transylvania and Copenhagen, and in the blushes I came away with Taupe, Ethereal, Silky Rose and Spice. Let me tell you, I could have bought SO much more. Before this mini haul, the only thing I’d owned from NYX was a couple of the Jumbo Shadow Pencils in Milk and Blackbean, and now I’m regretting not purchasing everything they sell. Everything.

The formula of the Matte Lip Creams in interesting. Because they’re matte ┬áit’s a little drying, but with a bit of balm pre-application it’s nothing to write home over. The blushes are absolutely beautifully pigmented, and so smooth. Not even remotely chalky! They blend like a dream and come in an array of positively stunning shades.
Now let’s get down to swatches!